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"It's all about consistently putting your natural talents to their best use in service of your most desired goals."

- Dave Bomberg, Co-Active Coach

I remember I was very hesitant to hire my first coach, and sometimes as a client I still am afraid to ask my coach for help!

So first, let's talk a little bit about fear and failing, because most people are afraid to ask for help on the most important things in their lives.

However, if you are one of the lucky few, and...

Then you can skip down to the section called "The People Who Succeed Don't Try to Go It Alone"

Some people are confused and have no idea what they want in their current situation, and think that's a good reason to wait until later to reach out for help - to save their money until they've finally got their ducks all in a row.

Many people are afraid of hiring a coach to help them create the life they really want. They might be afraid of what the coach will think of them, or they're afraid they'll fall short, they'll be a bad client.

Most people are afraid of what their friends, colleagues, or business associates will think if they hire a coach.

Never mind that highly payed CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, performers, and sports stars often have personal coaches.

Never mind that studies of coaching in organizations have reported massive returns on investment in terms of business measures, and those who received life coaching increased their life satisfaction and improved their personal growth.

Some people they are afraid the coach will be a charlatan and their coaching program will be a huge waste of time and money.

Some people are afraid the coach will try to manipulate them to act in ways that are not true to themselves, afraid they will be asked to believe some kind of magical thinking they don't really believe in.

Yes, some coaches will do that, and you can fire them.

Many people are afraid of just figuring out and admitting what they really want.

Most people are afraid they will finally declare to the world what they want, they will try, and that ultimately, they will fail anyway.

They will fail yet once again, very publicly and exposed this time.

Or maybe they're afraid they will succeed because their newfound success would shake up life and the relationships with those around them.

As a result, sadly, many people give up on their own cherished dreams and waste their chance at happiness, settling for "what's possible in the real world..."

Most people wistfully admire the charmed lives of others from afar, on the news or social media, like some torturous spectator sport.

How to Be Different From Those People

It's okay to feel fear, we all do.

But the people we all cheer for are the ones who still go for it. The ones we consider heroes are the people who, behind the scenes, have put in the hours, days, and years of repeated effort to make the most of their time on this amazing planet.

The people who really succeed figure out exactly what they want, what is important, what gives deep meaning to their lives. They research and understand what attaining their goals will bring to the world and to the lives of those they care about.

They assess their strengths and talents, what works for them. They explore their options, really fully explore. Then they make a plan. They take the steps needed to get where they want to go.

They constantly adjust, learn, stay focused, stay flexible, and they grow in whatever ways are necessary to create the meaningful things they want to create in their lives.

And as a result, they create the life they want.

That is success.

The key is not letting fear stop you from living the life you want.

The People Who Succeed Don't Try to Go It Alone

They enlist the help of others who will steadfastly support their efforts -


Without doubt,

Without fail,

- Until they do succeed.

There is no failure as a client of mine, only a failure to act on what's truly important to you. Please do not let hesitancy around what 'coaching' might be, or bad experiences you've had when asking for help in the past stop you from speaking with me about what you want to accomplish and why that is important to you.

My only goal as your personal, confidential coach is to support you as you attain your most desired goals.


The Solution:

Stop Reacting, Start Creating

I'm not going to get all Dr. Phil up in your face, or try to 'out expert' you on your own life. There is no particular philosophy you need to ascribe to. Just come as you are, sit yourself down for a bit, and let's talk - reflecting on things like you do when you sit by the water and watch the ripples. We'll get to the heart of matters, exploring questions like:

What do you really, truly want to create in your life? Let's dive deep on this one. If it doesn't rate a 10, don't bother. This can be an extended process in itself as we sort out what things are our true goals and which are ones we've taken on as "shoulds".

What's important about having that? (Not sure? That could be an indication to return to the previous question!)

What will that bring to the world and to those you care about?

What are the first steps needed towards making your professional and personal goals a reality?

What's been getting in the way of taking those actions? (Yes, all those pesky limiting thoughts, fears, and concerns, let's air them out once and for all. Sunlight has powerful properties.)

How can you make, test, and continually adjust a step-by-step plan that gets you past those roadblocks while keeping your feet on the ground and your eyes looking forward as you take ownership and create your life?

How can we assemble a customized network of allies who will support your efforts?

What's your next step? It's your choice!

As your coach I will provide an environment of curiosity, support, and carefully designed accountability to help spark the unique action steps needed towards your professional and personal goals through a very effective approach to conversation, learning and change called Co-Active Coaching.

My own experience as a client is that Co-Active Coaching has led to me being the happiest I've been in 20 years. I can't promise that will be your experience, but I can tell you it works. (I can eventually explain what Co-Active Coaching is, but what is important is getting what you want, not the methodology.)

We will help you find meaningful clarity, maintain your focus, and take action.

It's hard to go wrong with this formula!

If, like me, you value your privacy and self-determination, and are reluctant to have some stranger 'messing with your life' then contacting me is a step in itself. Here's a salute to going for what you want and asking for assistance getting it! The comfort zone can get a bit stagnant, no?

Since you are the expert on your life and what works for you, yet at the same time it's nearly impossible to see yourself, we can create a unique coaching support structure that emphasizes building on your strengths in service of whatever you want to accomplish.

Are you ready to get started by creating an intentional alliance designed only to serve your own fulfillment?

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Returning Clients

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Your Creative Process

I don't accept that old standby claim..."I'm just not very creative."

Everyone's life is a unique creative process.

I enjoy supporting others in furthering their own creative process, whether in exploring their next career options, the arts and sciences, defining their business vision, planning their retirement, or an area I unfortunately have much experience with, creating a good life despite longstanding medical issues.

And if you would like to take a look at my own artwork, the link to my art site is here.