"Dave is an amazingly talented coach. He is funny and playful…and even fierce in helping me to own and discover my full creative expression.

While most of the coaching is helping me fulfill my dream of painting, he also supports me in LIVING a creative and fulfilling life. I feel so lucky to have him as my coach."  -Susan Carlisle, CPCC, PCC

So, what's your dream?

Simply put, coaching is a great way for getting from where you are now to where you want to be. Making real things happen, externally and internally.

I will help you:

  • Define meaningful goals clearly
  • Identify what works for you
  • Maintain your focus, and
  • Take specific actions unique to you that get you where you want to go

We'll build a foundation old-school style - just two people talking truth, like we're sitting around a campfire. We'll look at what makes you come alive, what's your compelling way, and what makes you say, "Yes that's ME!" We will seek out a solid "I want THAT!"

Then we'll put your natural talents to their best use, finding what will keep you on track towards your most desired goals.

Because we're not robots (...yet?) some goals require internal changes to our habits around what we think and feel. We'll look at and address the mind muck we all have that tries to bog us down in the swamp.

I'll bring the questions, you'll find your own answers - that's empowerment, with success defined on your terms.

As your coach I will provide an environment of unattached curiosity, clarifying inquiry, and carefully designed accountability.

If, like me, you value your privacy and self-determination, contacting me will be a step in itself. Here's a salute to going for what you want and asking for assistance in getting it. The comfort zone can get a bit stagnant, no?

Since you are the expert on your life, yet at the same time it's nearly impossible to objectively see yourself, we can co-create a unique support structure to emphasize building on your strengths in service of whatever you want to accomplish.

It's hard to go wrong with that approach!

My own result as a client is that I've been able to make positive, sustained changes in my life, and I'd be happy to share my personal experience with you in private. I assure you I won't fake some weird, starry-eyed, imitation of perfection. I continually need to take steps to go beyond the muck in my mind!

As a coach, I'm here for you. And when one of my clients reaches a long-held goal or something happens that really fulfills them, it's an amazingly satisfying feeling. It makes all our effort worth it!

I can't promise what will happen for you, but I can tell you coaching works.

I'd like you to experience the empathic listening, deep inquiry, and support that I enjoy providing to my clients as they step into new, exciting territory.

Let's be honest - we usually don't pick up the phone and talk to someone who's new in our life about some crucial issue that's been vexing us...but I'm inviting you to do exactly that!

I'm not going to get all Dr. Phil up in your face, or try to 'out expert' you on your own life. There is no particular philosophy you need to ascribe to.

Just come as you are, sit yourself down for a bit, and let's talk - reflecting on things like you do when you sit by the water and watch the ripples.

Let's Talk

What's your next step? It's your choice! Whether we end up collaborating or not, if you are curious about exploring a unique, intentional alliance designed only to serve your vision, you're warmly invited to a free, no-obligation call.

Just contact me,

Dave Bomberg, at dbomberg@gmail.com or by phone or text:


I look forward to speaking with you!

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My Returning Clients

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I have a 24 hour in advance cancellation policy.